More leads and business growth for SMEs through marketing strategy, marketing plan implementation and mentoring with results always in mind
Propelify Marketing


Flexible and impartial marketing to suit your needs and budget: Perfect for developing a strategy, increasing awareness, launching new products / service, attracting a new market or just wanting to do marketing better. From retained marketing management to one-off growth products.

Is your marketing:

Lacking clarity?

The solution.. an action-orientated marketing strategy and plan with recommendations tailored to your business

Lacking time and knowledge?

From sounding board to completely "done for you" marketing support and implementation I have it covered.

Needing external resource?

For mentoring and additional resource for a marketing campaign / project.
Propelify Marketing

At Propelify I am focused on delivering results for you, by getting the basics right, measuring activity and maximising your marketing opportunity.

Who I Help

SME businesses who are looking to:

  • Propel and grow the business
  • Generate more enquiries
  • Develop a marketing strategy/plan
  • Stop solely relying on past contacts or word of mouth referrals for enquiries

SME businesses who are investing in marketing

  • but are uncertain they are doing the right activity
  • and wondering if there are better alternatives
  • with no measurement in place
  • and looking for a marketing mentor for current junior marketing employee

SME businesses who are looking to start marketing their product / service

  • but are unclear where to start
  • who lack the time or knowledge to work out and do “the marketing”
  • but are hesitant in what activity to invest in
  • with absence of clarity and priority
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